The Albs

The Albs were formed by a splinter group of Clerics, who didn’t want to follow their purity vows of using Elex only for powering lifeless objects. They consumed Elex like candy and developed magical powers in addition to their deep technical knowledge through that, but lost their empathy and emotions in the process. Their goal was and still is to reach the next level of evolution. At first they thought they would be able to achieve this through the excessive consumption of Elex, but because of that they could be corrupted by the Hybrid in Elex 1 to do horrible things. After the fall of the Hybrid, the Separatists, a moderate group of Albs who saw the dangers of excessive Elex usage, could convince the Alb leadership to control the Elex intake of their members, and so they stopped being a threat to all other factions. They still see themselves superior to all other factions of Magalan though, and pursue their goal of evolving themselves.