The Berserkers

The Berserkers originated from survivors of the meteor strike who had no or little access to technology. They developed into a medieval-like culture of farmers, hunters and healers who despised anything technical. When their then spiritual leader discovered how to transmute the blue Elex into what they called Mana, they finally had a weapon against the Albs. Blue Elex changed once green and lush areas into cold and dead landscapes, but certain plants enriched with their Mana, called world hearts, could reverse that effect, and bring back life to the planet. Mana gave them also access to magic-like abilities, and so they became a powerful faction even without any technological weapons and aids.

After the war in Elex 1, they started to convert the barren desert of Tavar into a green wonderland with a world heart. This caused the Outlaws of Tavar to split up into several smaller sub-groups, and one of them joined the Berserkers. This has changed the faction. Although officially Caja has become their new spiritual leader, as she’s a powerful mage who says that she has the power to “speak” to Elex, many Berserkers don’t want to live the simple life without technology anymore, and want to bring the faction into a new more modern age.